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Taking on your weight loss goals can feel like a losing battle, especially when you do it alone. While losing weight can sound simple, putting your goals into action can be anything but. Dr. Norma Borrego of Body and Mind Weight Loss has made it her goal to provide her clients with an accurate online weight loss consultation so as to help her clients lose weight. If you are ready to take your weight loss goals to the next level, keep on reading. Today, we are going to introduce you to the basic weight loss plan offered by Body and Mind Weight Loss!

Body and Mind Weight Loss offers customized and finely tailored weight loss plans to help clients meet and exceed their fitness goals. As each and every person has their own unique physiological makeup, it is important to start this process with a weight loss consultation. Acquiring a weight loss consultation with Body and Mind Weight Loss is as easy as filling out an online form with a little bit of information surrounding your health, diet, and nutritional goals. After your consultation has been completed, you will be able to lose weight with the outline provided by Norma Borrego!

When embarking upon your quest to lose weight, Dr. Norma Borrego will use her 35 years of experience in the industry to provide you with a roadmap to success. This roadmap to lose weight is built upon an understanding of diet, a healthy relationship with food, and a focus on both exercise and healthy consumption practices. Among the many elements that Dr. Norma Borrego focuses on for weight loss is the ketogenesis diet.

The ketogenesis diet is also simply known as the keto diet. This weight loss diet plan has gained significant traction around the world over the past couple of decades. The ketogenic diet is about consuming low-carb and high-fat foods. The goal is to credibly reduce your intake of carbohydrates by replacing them with healthy fats. By reducing the number of carbs in your body, you will go into a metabolic state known as ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process that leads to your body burning away fat in your body. When combined with regular exercise and weight loss activities, you will find that your excess weight can seemingly melt away!

Norma Borrego has been practicing in her industry for more than 35 years. A graduate from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Dr. Borrego also possesses a Masters in Nutrition from the Monterrey Institute of Technology. Dr. Borrego aims to help her clients address obesity, excess weight, diabetes, hypertension, and more.

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