Low Carbohydrate Diet

How Can a Low Carbohydrate Diet Improve My Fitness Goals?

Living a healthy life sounds easy but can be difficult in practice. The primary reason that this becomes a problem is that too few people have a proper understanding of nutrition. When we grow up with unhealthy food relationships, they can go on to make the rest of our life difficult. As obesity and diabetes become more commonplace, there is growing support for online weight loss plans from reputable nutritional experts. Dr. Norma Borrego leads the way at Body and Mind Weight Loss by offering nutrition advice and custom-tailored weight-loss plans. If you are looking to uncover the body of your dreams, let Dr. Norma Borrego teach you how!

Finding the body that you always dreamed of starts by enrolling in a consultation. An online weight loss consultation with Dr. Norma Borrego and the Body and Mind Weight Loss team is as simple as filling out an online form. When attaining online weight loss advice from Body and Mind Weight Loss, you need simply to send in your background, sizes, and weight loss goals. After looking over the information, the Body and Mind Weight Loss team will reach out with nutrition advice, food limitations, exercise options, and more. Let's break down the most common avenues that Body and Mind Weight Loss traverses to lead to weight loss for their clients.

After supplying your information for an online consultation, Dr. Borrego will reach out with exercise information and nutrition advice. The foundation of weight loss efforts with Dr. Norma Borrego typically begins with a low carbohydrate diet. The most common unhealthy carbohydrates consumed by average individuals will include pasta, bread, grains, and even cereal! These carbohydrates can lead to weight gain as well as a host of health issues. A low carbohydrate diet is all about reducing your intake of carbohydrates while replacing those foods with a healthier alternative.

There are many advantages to approaching a low carbohydrate diet with Body and Mind Weight Loss. One of the biggest impacts that a low carb diet will provide is a reduction in your blood sugar levels. Higher sugar levels are linked to almost all major chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even dementia. Type 2 diabetes is also a major problem associated with the unhealthy consumption of carbohydrates.

After working with Dr. Norma Borrego to develop the perfect weight loss plan, you will be granted all of the tools and techniques needed to find success. An approved list of foods will be offered by Norma as well as a host of approved exercises that are geared toward accomplishing your weight loss goals.

With a Masters in Nutrition and more than 35 years of experience in the field, Dr. Norma Borrego is ready to make your weight loss dreams come true!

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