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Taking care of your body and overall health should always be a priority. In fact, we make decisions surrounding our health every single time that we sit down for a meal or opt to exercise. While being aware of our health is important, it is equally important to understand the impact that nutrition can have. Body and Mind Weight Loss by Dr. Norma Borrego is focused on providing support to clients who wish to address their weight loss goals, nutritional needs, or even preventable diseases. How can Body and Mind Weight Loss assist you today?

Attending to your overall health requires a closer look at the individual elements that comprise it. Health is broken down into what we eat, how we treat our body, and how our body reacts to our treatments. When we suffer from issues such as obesity or type 2 diabetes, there are tangible ways that we can explore reducing symptoms, preventing diseases, and even improving our overall health. Body and Mind Weight Loss focuses on crafting a custom-tailored plan for each individual client that they take on. How does this take shape for new clients?

For starters, new clients will be asked to fill out the online consultation form at Body and Mind Weight Loss. This form will include your health history and fitness goals as well as some general background information. Once this information reaches Dr. Borrego, she will create a custom meal plan that includes specific foods to be eaten and avoided. When used in conjunction with the tailored fitness plan, it is easy to find success! If you are looking for an online diet or online weight loss routine, the team at Body and Mind Weight Loss can help with that, too!

Keto is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online weight loss programs around. The keto diet is all about reducing the intake of carbohydrates so as to burn fat quicker. By cutting out carbohydrates with the keto diet, your blood sugar and insulin levels will both be minimized, thus assisting in a host of health-related endeavors. The keto online diet focuses on eating ideal food and Dr. Norma Borrego assists in the process every step of the way.

Body and Mind Weight Loss was established by Dr. Norma Borrego with the goal of providing support in the areas of health, nutrition, and wellness. Dr. Norma Borrego holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in addition to her degree from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. Dr. Borrego has been working within the industry for 35 years and is excited to support your weight loss goals and nutrition obligations.

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